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'Green energy' wine arrives in Ireland on 108-year-old ship - Telegraph

'Green energy' wine arrives in Ireland on 108-year-old ship - Telegraph

We were minded to get involved in this - I thought it would be a good photo-op to bring the vessel into Cork city's deep berth, next to Cork Bonded Warehouse, before the marvels of progress render this impossible. What's more, Jean-Marie Rimbert, one of our very favourite winemakers, is signed up to the scheme. But it was going to be expensive, and then, during our trip to the Languedoc trade fair, Vinisud, the enthusiasm of the organizers to get us 'on board' was so relentlessly, not to say mercilessly, expressed, that I rather wilted towards the whole business. However, M. Rimbert remains a capital fellow, the boat idea is both romantic and timely, and I was delighted to see from this morning's picture in the Examiner that the delicious Hegarty (here's Jancis', and here's Spittoon's say-so) wines that I tasted at Vinisud are coming in to Ireland - with which importer, I don't know, but not this one.

I still haven't completed my Vinisud reports, by the way, but that's not to say interesting plans from February haven't been simmering the while.

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