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Flying off the shelves

Many thanks to John Henry Donovan of 5pieces for passing on a striking label design reported on notcot.com:

Boarding Pass Shiraz

The interesting stuff so often happens in the overlaps.

2 thoughts on “Flying off the shelves”

  • Omaniblog

    Excellent. Grape stuff. I love it. We could do with this sort of innovative marketing.

    By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I didn't get to Barcelona - so can't report back on searching for Tarragona. Nor did I drink Monsant or Priorat. But I have every intention of making it to Barcelona, so if the generous offer of an opportunity to write a guest post is still there, I promise not to forget.
    Thanks again.

  • Julian

    Thanks for the comment - and I agree with you about the fresh-looking labels. A pity you didn't get to Spain this time, but I'm looking forward to your guest post when you do.

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