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Fenn's Quay/Clos Triguedina competition result

I'm surprised and delighted at the number of entries for the Fenn's Quay competition.  Thanks to all of you who entered.

To cut to the chase, we think the bottle of Veuve du Vernay is worth €4.99, four euro ninety-nine.  There may be sparkling wine collectors and so on who would pay more for it, but given the recent well received re-launch of the product in England at £6.99, we feel that our estimate is possibly even generous.  Admittedly, the bottled does look the part.  (One French authority we consulted told us that a non-appellation controlée sparkler made by the tank method was implicitly worthless.)

So congratulations to Alice O'Neill and mfinnerty, who have won a tasting dinner at Fenn's Quay restaurant tomorrow at 8pm.  I'll give your names to Kevin Crowley to add to the reservation list.

Commiserations to the gallant losers - I'm working on the next competition already.

If you're in Cork and environs, why not come along anyway and sample half a dozen great red wines with some fine food and excellent company for €50 a head - it's not too late.  Just give the restaurant a call on 021 427 9527.

2 thoughts on “Fenn's Quay/Clos Triguedina competition result”

  • Will


    That was a fun competition, well done for organizing it. The price of 5Euro is about right although nothing wouldn't have been a bad guess (I'm surprised that nobody tried that). Interesting to see the range of the guesses at the price, I guess packaging has a huge effect on peoples perceptions. Looking forward to the next competition.


  • Elke

    Will is right, the package did the harm :-) more luck next time I hope.

    Congrats on a real fun competition

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