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Everybody else is doing it

Kieran, a diffident participant himself, has passed me an online baton, known as a 'meme', to reveal 'five things you don't know about me'. So here are five things you mightn't know about me, though you possibly do - there isn't much to know in the first place and me me me is one of my favourite topics of conversation:

My father is Iraqi, born in Baghdad.

I nearly became a pilot with the RAF. If I had, I might have been 'flying over' Baghdad in the first Gulf War...

I truly believe in the capacity for malice of inanimate objects.

Given the choice, I wouldn't travel beyond my own garden gate. Books are enough adventure for me. Even up and down to Cork every day is too far, too much.

I'm deeply suspicious of all this personal revelation online. Digital castaway.

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