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Do penguins have feathers?


Back to school and homework to do! Here’s a quick puzzle for a free bottle from Bubble Brothers!


40 members of the Club

17 prefer Sauvignon

15 prefer Chardonnay

8 like both

How many don’t like either?

First person to answer both questions correctly wins a bottle of our featured wine or a ticket to the next meeting of the Blackrock Castle Wine Club on the 30th  September!

7 thoughts on “Do penguins have feathers?”

  • elly parker

    Yes they have feathers.

    6 people don't like either.

  • Catherine

    and yes penguins have feathers.

  • Catherine

    The club number has changed from 30 when this blog post was first posted to 40 this morning.

    If you mean "prefer" SB or chardonnay then 0 dont like either. If you mean "like" sb or chardonnay, then 16 people now don't like either.

    and penguins still do have feathers. ;-)

  • Michael

    Penguins have feathers.
    If "prefer" one means they dont like the other then the answer is 16

  • Paul

    Zero people - 0 - don't like either.

    Penguins are birds so I guess they have some kind of feathers.

  • Billy

    The answer to the first question is, not so surprisingly, yes! Penguins are birds, have beaks and wings, can swim like fish and fly like hens (and may well taste like both). I’m certain I’ve never been up close enough to look one in the eye but my daughter tells me that the grounds at Fota are strewn with fur of the Humboldt variety. The correct answer to the second question is more difficult to answer. This is partly due to the rapid responses from Catherine and Elly who reacted to my initial post within minutes of pushing the submit button. My first puzzle included a sample group of 30 rather than 40 and our heroes responded before I had time to refresh the page! Had the group consisted of 30 members then the problem would fail because 17 + 8 + 15 = 40 or 10 more than the club membership. Had I worded the question differently and used the phrase ‘only likes’, as Catherine correctly points out the answer would have been 6 i.e. (17-8 =) 9 + 8 + (15-8=) 7 = 24 leaving 6 who absolutely don’t like either. Following this logic with 40 in the group the answer is 16 assuming the members ‘prefer ‘one varietal to the exclusion of the other. In reality most of our members are happy enough to imbibe either wine if the quality is up to the Bubble Brothers’ standard. In which case the correct answer is zero i.e. 17 (who prefer Sauvignon) + 8 (like both equally) + 15 (who prefer Chardonnay) = 40 leaving everybody happy. Life is complicated enough already so rather than ache my brain deciding who wins the prize I am going to award the chosen bottle of one of either of the four splendid Cycles Gladiator varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay or Pinot Noir) to each of the four respondents above! Or a ticket to our next tasting of a selection of the Hahn Estate Family Wines at Blackrock Castle on Thursday 30th September if preferred!

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