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Darling does his duty

Yes! Ireland no longer has the highest duty on wine in the EU. Here's Decanter's howl of anguish about the recent Budget:

Wine drinkers to suffer under massive price hike - decanter.com - the route to all good wine

Sparkling wine is another day's work, though, because Irish duty is at double the rate of still wine.

Could the more commercially enjargoned among you tell me please what "gondola ends" are? I'd hate to think we were missing out.

4 thoughts on “Darling does his duty”

  • Robert

    Gondola Ends are the promotional shelves used to promote sales goods (including wine) at the ends of the main shopping shelves. If the goods are on parallel shelves, these are the ones at the ends, facing onto the central and side aisles, and because all shoppers have to pass them at some stage, they sell a massive quantity of promotional wine. Not sure what you call them over there. I always thought "Gondola" was rather a grand term for them.

    As for Mr (not-my) Darling, it really frustrates me that politicians can get away with such blatant untruths. This raise was entirely due to their need to increase tax and nothing to do with public health. Grrr!

  • Julian

    Thanks Robert! for a clear and helpful explanation. Maybe there isn't a better expression for that - there certainly isn't a shorter one.

    The opinion has been voiced here in the office that the revenue from the duty hike is probably not that significant, but that what it does do is give the appearance via headlines &c. that public health is being taken into consideration.

    Did I miss the blogger dinner, so? I haven't been keeping up. What about the gig in Rioja at the end of the summer? Or is that something else?

  • Robert

    revenue certainly will be significant with well over 100m cases of wine sold here.

    The blogger dinner that Catavino organised with the Spanish winery was this week in Barcelona, so yes, you missed that one - but I don't think you were in town for it were you?

    The 'gig' in Rioja is still on. It has its own site now: http://ewbc2008.wineblogger.info

    Are you coming?

  • Julian

    Thanks again. No, I wasn't in Barcelona - too worn out after Vinisud to make another trip so soon. I'm thinking about the Rioja meeting half-seriously; it depends if I can co-ordinate the blogger event with what needs to get done here, visits to our suppliers in the neighbourhood, and with family life too.

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