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Christine Saurel of Montirius talks to BKWine

I'm acutely aware of the need not to offend the hard-working folk at BKWine, lest a cease and desist scorch on to my screen; but as I understand it, an item of interest to my readers that has a "share" icon beside it is, well, for sharing. I hope you will go over to the BKWine site and see all the good things that go on there, and leave comments as appropriate to show your appreciation.

We're delighted to work with the Saurels, and have agreed with them to do all we can to promote their Vacqueyras and Gigondas in Ireland. Here is the first of a sequence of clips where Mme Saurel explains the Montirius philosophy and the estate's biodynamic approach to wine.

[E] Montirius, #1 – a biodynamic grower, the story from bkwine on Vimeo.

One thought on “Christine Saurel of Montirius talks to BKWine”

  • Per, BKWine


    Please feel free to 'share' our videos - they're on YouTube and that's what the embed codes (and all that other stuff) is there for. We're glad you like it.

    Don't miss the other 6 installments on this mini-series. And all the other wine videos on BKWine TV.

    Good for you that you have their wines on your list.

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