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Check it Out

I've just received a copy of the April issue of the grocers' periodical Checkout , which has a feature on business blogging, skewering its unsuspecting readers on the triple prongs of Damien Mulley, Kieran at Ice Cream Ireland, and mise. Thanks to Michelle McCormick for making decent wine out of the pretty anodyne fruit I supplied her with, and for using our photos (paint a thousand words, y'know).

Roll on, branch by branch supermarket blogs. I'm fed up with having to make do with a choice from fifty different kinds of nasty bread when the week's Arbutus loaves have been eaten. I'd like to grumble about that. And so on.

I understand from Damien that more and more businesses are seeing the point of establishing a blog. Show them how to do it, Checkout...

3 thoughts on “Check it Out”

  • Anthony

    Just read the piece myself!

    Well done the three of you, but how on earth do you find time to do it!

    With the best of intentions I started our blog on ummera.com and every day I set myself the goal to post, but if I post once a month ........ and I know that's not good enough!
    But I enjoy those who have the dedication to put aside 5 minutes a day to share their trivia!!

    And if that trivia is about wine or ice cream or .....Great!

  • Damien Mulley

    Anthony, write 5 blog posts one weekend, set aside two hours or so and then time them to go out once per week.

    Michelle came along to the Blog Awards and ended up winning a meal in Jaipur. Mmm food.

  • Julian

    Thanks Anthony. I think I must just enjoy the pressure... but yeah, mmm food... I have one of Arun-from-Green-Saffron's posh curry mixes at home, the one with the saffron in it, for lamb and figs. Can't stop thinking about it now. Thanks Damien.

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