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Château Jouclary, Cabardès

If you've bought wine from me in Cork's English Market or here at the Wine Depot, you'll know that I'm tiresomely partial to the Cabardès blends of Merlot, Grenache and Syrah that we buy from Château Jouclary, an estate just twenty minutes from the fortified city of Carcassonne in the north-west of the Languedoc. You'll mostly be doing well to escape without buying a bottle even if you've only come in to ask when the paint shop next door will be open.

Naturally, then, I'm simply delighted that the small following for this wine among my regular customers in Cork and environs looks to be spreading to Dublin too, thanks to the grapevine of social networks. Go straight to the top of the class, Laurence Veale, for a video tasting of the Château's cuvée Tradition (their inexpensive, unoaked wine) that confirms all my subjective suspicions: this is a marvellous red wine. You can see Mr V's genuine and persuasive tasting here:

And here, from the still unpublished report of my trip in February to Vinisud, the biennial trade fair for Mediterranean wine, is a picture of Pascal Gianesini, who seems to be getting things completely right as he succeeds his father in charge of the estate.
For as long as there's a flight from Cork to Carcassonne, we're only about two hours away from each other door to door. I have in mind all the time to invite Pascal over for a tasting dinner or some such. You never know, it might yet happen. Please leave a comment if you'd like to begin a lobby group, or of course with any other opinion.


Pascal Gianesini taking care of business at Vinisud

In the meantime, try a bottle of Pascal's wine, and review it yourself - either on our product page, on LouderVoice, or on the Sour Grapes post: here's the link to our shop again.

6 thoughts on “Château Jouclary, Cabardès”

  • Lar (Sour Grapes)

    Hi Julian,

    thanks for the kind words. Obviously, my video is a little raw - (Des from Contrast.ie spotted 25 "ehms") and I spotted my own nose scratch (not pick, mind) after it had gone up.

    Seriously, though, that wine is a true gem. Glad I bought it (and it's older sisters).

    I may be going over to Carcassone before Christmas. If so, I'll drop in to Pascal. He looks like a very friendly chap.


  • Julian

    When it comes to a wine recommendation, I'd always prefer a sincere view from a real person - I didn't actually register a single hesitation or scratch because I was interested in what you were saying; and, anyway, that's what real people are like.

    "Why, oh why" isn't there more wine of this quality in the Centras and Supervalus &c.? If we can sniff it out, they should be able to.

    Let me know if you need any contact details or an introduction nearer the time. I have to say I need all my ears switched on for Pascal's Oc-accented French, but I'm sure you'd get a great welcome.

  • Conor O'Neill

    We need to hurry up and build that eCommerce Templates integration so reviews can flow smoothly between the product pages and LouderVoice.

  • Julian

    That would be sweet, dude.

  • Richard

    Love all the Chateau Jouclary wines. I see you've got the 2006 vintage in recently - on the 'to taste' list!

  • Julian

    Hello Richard,
    The 2006 vintages of the Tradition and oaked wines arrived in Cork just last week. We sold out of the 05 Tradition over Christmas and have only a very little of the oaked 05 left, so you should be able to try the 06s more or less immediately. I tested the 06 Tradition tonight and it's true to form: pronounced, tempting aromas, not too full-bodied but with generous fruit and tannins in proportion. I'll continue to recommend it without hesitation.

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