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The blogs are back in town.

Hello again ;)

After an unseemly two month hiatus Bubble Brothers' blog is back - rejoice and be glad!

Paul (i.e. me - and known formerly as Grapes of Sloth) will be posting at least three times a week from September on (and will be good for one or two posts a week before then). The aim is for nothing too heavy or wordy, and with not too much blatant hawking: a fairly easygoing blend of wine reviews / tasting notes, photos, comment, news, interviews, competitions, videos, recipes, wine education, and spoof. That's ten areas right there; whichever of these proves unpopular (my money's on 'wine education') will be quickly strangled - culling can be fun.

For those who don't know me, I worked in the wine trade previously with Harvey Nicks, O'Briens, and Donnybrook Fair. I've completed all three of the WEST courses that you can do here in Ireland (Intermediate, Advanced, Diploma), and have vague dreams of studying for the expensive and difficult Master of Wine qualification some day. I contributed for a year to pub trade magazine Drinks Industry Ireland too. That's kind of it, really!

I'll be based mostly at Bubble Brothers' Marina HQ but those who live in Cork will surely see me in the English Market from time to time as well, so come up and say hello if you're passing - I have brown hair, green eyes, and often walk around carrying a clipboard.

Anyway, I'm still trying to iron out a few glitches with this blog (e.g. I can't upload pictures at the moment, which really galls me) but I hope to gradually make it more beautiful and user-friendly as time goes on. If people have any suggestions as to how it might be improved, just shout in the comments section below.

p.s. Just to warn you, there may be a gap in posts before my official start as I have to go to Croatia to lie on a beach for two weeks in the middle of August. But once I come back - tanned, fat, and skint- it is going to be BLOGPOST CITY - literally!


5 thoughts on “The blogs are back in town.”

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  • warren knowles
    warren knowles July 28, 2011 at 5.53 pm

    I find your GoS posts very entertaining so more of the same please!

  • Paul J

    Thanks very much, Warren. When the posts settle down after a few weeks I think it'll be pretty similar to the other site. I'm still me!

    Sorry, I didn't realise I had to approve comments on this site before they appear and just saw yours a minute ago ;)

  • Catherine

    Tanned, fat and skint - I love it!

  • Paul J

    Or "fatTER", I should've said!

    Paul / Bubble Brothers

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