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Bubble Brothers joins UCC Advantage Scheme

Sometimes we take the initiative, and sometimes we jump on the bandwagon as it rolls.

When it was brought to my attention that Barry at the Wine Buff in Washington Street, Cork, had signed up to the University College Cork Advantage Scheme, I thought we probably should, too. Like him, we stock interesting and unusual wines that appeal to enquiring minds.

The Scheme allows members of staff at UCC, on production of their staff card, to avail of various discounts and so on around the Cork area. You can see the full list of participating businesses here.


Our offer is this: UCC staff members are entitled to a seven per cent discount on all purchases at full, normal list price from Bubble Brothers' English Market and Marina Commercial Park shops, on production of their UCC identity card.

This is round about the equivalent of a bottle free with a case, but we wanted to tempt our English Market customers, for whom it's not always convenient to pick up more than a few bottles at a time.

Where other discounts are already in force: promotions, case deals &c., only one discount can apply per purchase. We'll help to keep your minds razor-keen by leaving the calculation about which provides best value up to you.

If you're employed by UCC yourself, we look forward to rounding the corners off your wine bill - and if you're not, you can keep an eye on vacancies as they appear here.

4 thoughts on “Bubble Brothers joins UCC Advantage Scheme”

  • Brian Clayton
    Brian Clayton May 25, 2009 at 2.36 pm

    fantastic news!
    and may I say a hearty well done on chosing the percentage option - I much prefer that to the "one free in the case option"
    See you in the 'market soon.

  • Julian

    Thanks, Brian - as the proud owner of a vintage BBs (http://www.bbscoffeeandmuffins.com/ - not Bubble Brothers!) incentive card from probably five years ago, which still bears only its single initiating stamp, I thought the percentage was the way to go.

    I know 7% isn't a very headline sort of number, but it is a real deal, and every little helps. You and us both.

    See you soon!

  • Greg

    Pity that this offer doesn't carry over to students...education of the masses would take on a more productive meaning.

    • Julian

      I take your point, Greg - thanks! The UCC website offers this unnervingly precise assessment of the student population: The university has 18,670 full-time students.; and, while numbers and money and so on are not my strength, I can't help feeling that extending the offer to all of you would not find favour with those of my colleagues who can, er, do the math.

      But I note your appetite for education, and will bear it in mind.

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