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Blumenthal lauded for chocolate wine

I'm never quite sure when lauding is the word to go for, and because my approach to cookery is more or less the opposite of Mr Blumenthal's, I don't really pay much attention to his celebrity as being anything to do with eating. But he seems to have invented a Mas Amiel (well, AOC Maury anyway) milk shake smoothie. A summer sensation for the Murphys' soda fountains? Here's Decanter's article:

Blumenthal lauded for chocolate wine - decanter.com - the route to all good wine

2 thoughts on “Blumenthal lauded for chocolate wine ”

  • Elke

    Julian, you are a man after my heart. I can't imagine having fun cooking the way Mr Blumenthal is....and I don't think that I am going to try this 'wine-smoothie'.....but maybe I am simply not adventurious enough for this type of 'danger'.

  • Julian

    You're right. It should be about fun, most if not all of the time.

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