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Blackrock Village Good Food Fair

Well, it's all happening at the other end of the Marina.

Blackrock Village Good Food Fair

Whatever the big cheeses have in mind for our neck of the Docklands, the little cheeses carried the day on Sunday, when the inaugural Blackrock Village Good Food Fair hit the car park between the Natural Foods Bakery and Ella, the shoe shop. Stalls, music, the great and the good of Blackrock (and the rest of us) made for a very festive assembly. We look forward to the full opening in a couple of weeks of Baile Bella, which will offer wonderful things to eat Italian. Ricco and Maurizio had some trial dishes out on Sunday and these were very impressive, and mostly gone by the time I arrived. The still-warm-from-the-oven Natural Foods blog is about to be eclipsed by the Natural Foods website, so they tell me. Oh yes, it's all happening. The Good Food Fair may even become a monthly occurrence.

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