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And now for something completely different...

It both annoys and amuses me to see advertising copy in the almost-but-not-quite machine translation style that many companies seem to think is good enough to sell their products abroad.

This is a bit like when a famous actor does a role away from his natural accent.  They do have actors in Ireland, wherever, &c. you know.  It's not necessary for the big star to go through months of Methody anguish trying to sound like a Geordie.  Just get a Geordie who can act.  Make him a big star, go on.

But, as I say, bile and chuckles go hand in hand where global English is concerned, and both can sometimes fade away before the brightness of naked curiosity.  What do these Vietnamese wines taste like?  I'd like to find out some time.   "It has sweety sour flavour together with numbed feeling from CO2" only gives a general idea, don'cha agree?.

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