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A bit of a rock star in Cuisine magazine

In case you didn't know,

Cuisine magazine is New Zealand's top food and wine magazine by far. In New Zealand it is recognized that a Cuisine endorsement is a more successful marketing tool than any other recommendation including those of Winestate, Decanter or Robert Parker. In Australia, Cuisine magazine is now the fastest growing food and wine title.

Gary and Valley Neale of Brightwater Vineyards in Nelson, who sell us their terrific Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and more, have just been the subject of a feature in Cuisine, and they're understandably pretty pleased about it.


The collage above is a link to a much larger, legible picture of the text of the article.

As Gary says, "When you're small the way we are, you can't afford to make average wine".

Nor can we afford to sell average wine, which is one of the reasons we're proud to represent Brightwater in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “A bit of a rock star in Cuisine magazine”

  • Caroline@Bibliocook

    Ah, Cuisine - if only Ireland had a food and wine magazine like that! I saw the article and have to say, if I'm shopping for wine in NZ, I'll often pick the wines with the Cuisine stickers as I've never been disappointed.

    • Julian

      I've been very much impressed by the one or two editions of Cuisine I've seen, and I know Irish publishers have tried unsuccessfully to launch similar here. I don't think the time's right yet, though. There are still only n million people in Ireland, and not enough of them are sufficiently genuinely interested in food and wine to make a first-rate, no-rusk magazine worthwhile. Yet.

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